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We are a group of trained machine learning engineers, software engineers, and data scientists who strongly believe that problems and inconveniences are the source of opportunities and innovations. We want to work with you to solve problems that have been on your mind and causing you headaches. We're here to turn your problems into innovations.

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Turn Data Into Insights

We'll work with you to identify patterns and correlations from your data

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We could throw buzzwords at you and tell you that we will use complex machine learning algorithms, artificial intelligence, or talk about complex neural networks. It wouldn't be wrong, but it also wouldn't really give you any substance.

Here is a list of the services we provide in the analytics space:

Image matching and Image Stitching

Object Identification and Localization

Data Collection Consulting

Automated Quality Control

Help Drive Decisions Based on Data

Analytics Roadmap Planning

fastai Consulting

Need help developing, optimizing, or maintaining your pipeline?

Need Help with fastai?

Let us help you develop your models, improve performance, and reduce technical debt on everything surrounding your fastai models

Custom Applications

Maintenance/Hosted Solutions

Bug Fixes

Convert fastai v1 to v2

Research Paper Reproduction

Embrace Innovation

Let us help you build a future that works for you

Custom solutions for custom problems

We are committed to helping you solve your problems. If you come to us with a problem that we don't have a solution for, we will investigate and come up with a plan to help you solve whatever problem you may have.

Technology Deepdive

Proof of Concept Implementation

Data Collection Planning

Cloud Comparison

Data Labeling Pipeline

Anything Else

Meet our dream team

Kevin Bird

Co-Founder & Problem Solver

Kevin has spent 7 years working for industrial companies. Transportation & Logistics, Utility, and Manufacturing are the three main domains that he has worked in. In his career, Kevin has focused on automation, solving business problems, parallelization, and productionalization. Kevin focuses on unlocking and maximizing subject matter expert impact by reducing the technical barriers that may hold them back. Kevin is a problem solver that is focused on iterative improvements in whatever projects he works on.

Hiromi Suenaga

Co-Founder & Problem Solver

Hiromi has professionally worked as a software engineer for many years in various industries - medical device software, online bidding platform for live auctions, sales and marketing software for automotive industry, hybrid cloud intelligent service mesh, just to name a few. She earned her master's degree in computer science at Michigan Technological University (Say yah to da U.P., eh!), and her latest interests have been deep learning and data science.

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